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Flavors of Fall ch.2 - BumbleBY
The gentle breeze of autumn carried softly through the night like a tender sigh, with an array stars that remained dull against a smeared grey cloud; sparse and stretching across the vast darkness of night. The colors of sunset long since bled and followed the golden warmth of day, leaving nothing more than the ivory crescent in the sky, bright and almost mischievous like a Cheshire cat’s grin. Below the cityscape, a raven-haired woman walked briskly inside of an apartment complex, the stoop littered with leaves and plastic. Upon entering through the large wooden doors, the acrid smell of stale cigarette smoke and cleaning product permeated the air. With a subtle grimace, Blake gathered her tote bag of belongings and continued up a staircase to the third floor. She was careful not to touch the grime-laced railing and kept her eyes on the cement steps.
As she walked down the vacant hallway, she looked straight ahead at her apartment door. She passed some doors that were opened
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Mature content
Dragon Age: Progeny Ch. 16 :iconniksche:Niksche 20 77
Mature content
Dragon Age: Progeny Ch. 15 :iconniksche:Niksche 20 79
Dragon Age: Progeny Ch. 14
Morrigan felt positively ridiculous as she passed through the gates into Denerim's bustling market district.
Wearing a Chanter's robe invariably had that effect on her.
How Leliana managed to persuade her to don this disguise – again – eluded her. The first time, it had been in the interest of breaking Soraya and Alistair out of Fort Drakon after their failed attempt of free Queen Anora from her father's lapdog, Cauthren. Morrigan always resented the Queen for not stepping in and defending the two Wardens, but as it turned out, their little costume party was all for naught: Alistair and Soraya managed to break out without assistance.
Perhaps this time, it had more to do with Methys' pleading. If the child thought wearing a pig costume would help to save Soraya and Alissa, she undoubtedly would. Even now, her amber-and-moss eyes were frantically combing the crowd for those two familiar faces. Morrigan wondered if the Old God might rise to the surface of her daughter's consciou
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Dragon Age: Progeny Ch. 10
"Hurry, girls!" Leliana insisted, taking a small hand in each of hers and urging them faster up the trail. Rontu lumbered ahead of them, large head swinging back and forth, ears swiveling as he sifted through the sounds of the swamp. Morrigan was behind them, grim faced, her amber eyes flashing with anger and fear as her thoughts dwelt on the mage they had left behind. The anger was for a helplessness she hated, the fear for an almost assured, fatal fate for the only person she had ever called friend.
The apostate watched the red-haired bard running ahead, pulling Methys and Alissa with her. Despite how much time she had spent in Leliana's company, she felt no closer to her now than she had all those years ago when they first met in Lothering. That Morrigan felt a deep respect for the Orlesian's skills with bow and trap could not be denied. She certainly did not dislike the bard, except when she spouted the occasional religion-born idiocy. Perhaps those moments had been enough to keep
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Dragon Age: Progeny Ch. 5
Morrigan gave birth at midnight, when the full moon was high over the Korcari Wilds and the creatures of the forest were in full song. Frogs bellowed from the swamp as wolves howled from the hills, trilling toads and chirping crickets providing harmony to their melody.
She was a full month early, and it was a difficult birth.
Leliana could not hide her worry as she replaced a bloodsoaked cloth with another, hardly daring to meet Morrigan's amber-eyed gaze. The mage's labor had endured for a slow drag of hours without any progress, and her struggles to be brave were waning.
After spending a few weeks under the tutelage of a Chasind midwife, the bard had learned enough to know that something was very wrong.
She knelt next to the bed where the apostate lay, taking her hand. "I should go find the midwife, Morrigan. I could be back by sunrise if I left right now," the bard told her, damning herself for not hiding her desperation better.
"Don't you dare leave me, Leliana!" Morrigan shouted a
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Always Trust Your Gut (pt 13)
I woke up with a killer headache. I sighed wishing that some how Robin would skip training today. I honestly just wanted to go back to sleep and never wake up. Or maybe wake up after this nightmare was over. Using my palms I began rubbing my eyes praying for my headache to disappear. It was going to be a hard day for my emotions had having a headache was just adding to growing list of problems. 
I had only drank enough to get a hang over once. The experience wasn't that great but mostly because I got seriously bitched out by Robin. The rest of the team had been perfectly fine but my tolerance to the alcohol at the time wasn't as built up as everyone else's. I remember the pounding being the worst thing I had ever felt, every noise amplified. If I didn't have the sharp pain in my heart, I'd think that I was just hung over. My head, my stomach, and the nausea, it was all the same. 
I dragged my feet to the shower, trying to avoid the bright light of the windows. I pressed on th
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In the Name of a Titan. (Pt.5)
Because of the rush in needed to get back, Raven said we could just teleport back. I wanted to object and request that I just fly or even just walk but my rib wasn't going to allow me to do that. I sighed and stepped close to Raven. I closed my eyes waiting for the magic. I know shouldn't be scared of it. Raven has proven over and over again she would never use her powers to hurt me. Well when I wasn't bothering her that is. I hadn't forgot the time she threw me off the tower for a cheeky comment I made. I should have been pissed at her but surprisingly all I could do was laugh. I didn't like when we teleported mainly because of the feeling I got. The only way I can describe it, is like same feeling you get when you're dreaming and you start falling and your body jolts awake. Only differences is you never really jolt awake. I always feel slightly chilled and freaked after. 
We were transported right into our medical room. Med Bay as Cy called it. I looked over and saw Robin laying
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RWBY|Grimm Tales|8: A Tale of Rough Play (Part 3)
<[RWBY|Grimm Tales|8: A Tale of Rough Play (Part 2)]
Yang turns around, standing atop the DJ tower, and looks down at the newcomers on the dance floor. She walks forward and puts her hands on the board, lifting a brow.
Two young looking, black haired girls stared back at Yang from below, one dressed in an all red and black dress, the other in an all white and blue one. The red dressed girl had shorter black hair, a feather like hairpin sticking from behind exposed ear. The blue dressed girl adorned longer black hair and had a white flower hairpin. The two looked like they could be identical twins.
However their most striking features would have to be the weapons they each carried. While red had long, claw-like, very sharp looking blades strapped to her wrist, white had lo
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RWBY|Grimm Tales|8: A Tale of Rough Play (Part 1)


“Who do you work for, scumbag?!”
He scoffs.
“Tell us who yer’ boss is, numb nuts! Come on, spill the beans!”
“You better listen to him, shit for brains, he can get pretty ugly when he wants to.”
He turns to the second man. With a smirk, he scoffs again. The first man is not pleased.
“That’s it, bub, you wanna get ugly! I can get ugly! You’re gonna tell us who you work for whether you like it or not!”
As the police officer continues to scream aggressive demands at the the suited, cuffed gentleman sitting at the table, the second turns to the large glass pane on the wall, shaking his head and shrugging. Behind the one-sided window, a blonde young woman lightly smacks her head against the glass and groans indignantly. Behind her, an older looking man stands, both hands
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RWBY|Grimm Tales|7: A Tale of Love 3 (Part 3)

<[Chapter 7: A Tale of Love 3 (Part 2/3)]

Police sirens whined around the nearby area. Authorities and medical experts roamed the area, going about their given duties. Police checked around the place to make sure no bystanders had been injured during the the short lived battled that took place only an hour before.
Handcuffs are strapped around her small wrists. She makes no move to resist, accepting her punishment. Once he’s finished, the police officer moves aside, standing at attention beside Nora. His superior walks up, hands behind back.
“Ms. Nora,” the higher up begins. “You are bein
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RWBY|Grimm Tales|7: A Tale of Love 3 (Part 2)

<[Chapter 7: A Tale of Love 3 (Part 1/3)]
“The way I see it, we’ve got all the confirmation on Nora that we need,” Yang says, taking a bite out of her sandwich. “Now it’s just about tagging and bagging her. And we’re gonna do it the very next time Ruby and Nora meet: tomorrow night.”
“You sure? Is what we learned tonight going to be enough to bring her in?” Blake asks, nibbling at her own food.
“She outright confessed to not only wrecking that store, but also being responsible for other incidents like this. We even know why she
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RWBY|Grimm Tales|7: A Tale of Love 3 (Part 1)
And with this... let it be our final farewell...

The night was comfortable. A light breeze rolled by, but the air remained toasty and warm enough for anyone to step out and enjoy the dark evening. In the distance, the bustling of the city could be heard as usual. However, the movement of the water next to the pier she found herself on was loud enough to triumph over the city noises, providing a rather soothing ambience. 
Ruby took her spot on top of one of the warehouses overlooking the pier. Due to the late hour, she found herself being the only sign of life around these parts, anyone else who might h
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RWBY|Grimm Tale|6: A Tale of Love 2 (Part 3)


<[Chapter 6: A Tale of Love 2 Part 2/3]

• • • • •

She types words into the search bar: Rens in Vale City.
19,300,000 results
She scowls at what came up on screen. Perhaps that wasn’t the best search query. She thinks of something better to put into her search. Another try.
Nora Vale City
16,200,000 results
…So that helped absolute nothing. And the worst part was, one of the top results was some video about a
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Workplace Relations
Workplace Relations
Weiss had never been particularly inclined toward informality. There was a certain comfort to be found in protocol, and she knew better than almost anyone how to leverage the unspoken rules of polite conversation to her advantage. It was what made her such a terror in the boardroom and at the negotiating table.
Ruby, of course, was very much an informal person. Upon hearing that Weiss was once again locked up in her office, she was not at all likely to sit quietly in the lobby until called upon to enter the heiress’s domain. Instead, she was highly likely to head over to the closest fast-food restaurant to buy some of the junk that Weiss claimed to detest despite wolfing it down whenever Ruby brought some before teleporting into Weiss’s office.
“Ruby.” Weiss scowled at her girlfriend with all the ire she could muster, which wasn’t much since she’d been awake for the better part of forty-eight hours finalising negotiations t
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White Roses (Part 19)
"Well, it sucks that the movies aren't going to be open today.." Ruby sighed, sitting back in her seat. "Well, you can thank your sister for that!" Weiss said, sounding more than slightly irritated. It wasn't really Yang's fault that Blake kissed her, and Yang accidentally burnt down the movie theater out of 'panic'. Well, that's what Ruby and Yang thought, anyway. Weiss wasn't really going to hear the excuses. "It wasn't her fault.." Ruby mumbled. "So, then what's your plan now, you dunce?" "Plan?... Right! Plan!... I have a.. a plan.." Ruby stuttered. "You're joking, right?! You asked me out on a date, yet you don't have a plan?!" Weiss yelled. "Date? This is a date?!" Ruby panicked, completely ignoring the rest of what Weiss had said. "Well, what did you think it was?" Weiss said, slightly calmer than before. "I don't know! Please stop yelling at me.." Ruby cowered. "Ugh, you dunce.."
"Yang.. You haven't been sleeping well. Are you okay?" "Huh? Oh
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what is the meaning of dreams? weird huh ask the dream is actually a strange part of life called the alternate dimension where everyone expects the most feared the most lovely thoughts, dreams, is where you keep the moments if they are happy or sad, every moment saved, is a part of you that will define how you should act in the world ahead.

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